Calvary Baptist Christian School. Since its establishment in 1983, the School has existed to encourage and assist families committed to fulfilling the biblical mandate to rear their children in the nature and admonition of the lord.

The program of Calvary Baptist Christian School places a strong emphasis of academic fundamentals. Students in the even grades (2-10) take the Stanford Achievement Test each fall. The education program is not only made up of the traditional academic subjects, but also includes music, art, computer, and physical education. Al phases of the curriculum are directed to assist in the ultimate development of the child. All subjects are taught in light of biblical truth.

School Teachers are dedicated Christians who serve faithfully in Calvary Baptist Tabernacle and demonstrate scholastic achievement.

The curriculum for all grades has been structured so that the students will receive training in all academic subjects required by the council of education of Puerto Rico. All of our textbooks, except Spanish, come from Bob Jones University Press. Subjects are taught from a biblical viewpoint. Social development is encouraged through the teaching of good manners, high moral standards, respect for parents and authority, and patriotism.