From Kindergarten through the 12th grade, CBCS uses the curriculum published by BJU press (Bob Jones University, SC). All classes are taught in English with the exception of one period a day of Spanish starting in the second semester of 1st grade (using material From Editorial Norma).

The aims of our curriculum are threefold:

  • Biblical Worldview – we use the biblical themes of Creation, Fall and Redemption with which to view all academic disciplines. Teaching in each academic class revolves around the values and standards of God’s Word.
  • Academic Rigor – we engage students with age-appropriate content and help them develop the ability to analyze, critically rather than just memorize facts.
  • English Skills – Recognizing that the majority of our students have English as their second language, we are constantly aiming to raise their academic learning ability in English.


-Students take the Standford Achievement Test in 3rd and 7th grades each year.  The mean Scores for both grades levels are in the 60-70th percentile rank compared to the U.S. national average.

-Students taking the PR College Board Have in the top  10% of private schools in PR for the past ten years.

-Students taking SAT average in the 70-80th percentile in both Reading and Math.

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